Payment account source


My partner and I recent opened a Monzo Joint account. There has been a couple of occasion where we’ve sent money to one another, intended to be personal to personal account but accidentally sent from the joint!

My thought is that displaying the source account on the screen where the amount is inputted will help prevent this happening as the source account isn’t displayed once “Pay someone” has been tapped.


Done this loads of times. It really needs looking at.


If you have a search you’ll find the dozens of times this has been brought up.

No need, we’re in agreement right here.


I’m really stating to find this infuriating.

So many times now I’ve sent money, only to find it’s come out of the wrong account.

When you’re on the move money screen it’s really clear which account you’re paying from and the location you’re paying to, but on the payment to external accounts screens and the Monzo to Monzo screens it’s not.

I haven’t quite figured out the behaviour, but the account you pay from seems to jump about based on the last account you were looking at in app.

I’ve had other people pay me recently too and also apologise because they sent the money from the wrong account (not that it matters to me as the recipient).

I think this may end up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back for me. There are lots of minor things wrong with Monzo that I’m happy to overlook, but this is one of those core banking features that should never be ambiguous and it’s so frustrating every time I get it wrong.