Can external people pay into joint account?


Thinking of opening a joint account.

Can those outside of Monzo pay into the joint account? If so how, via the link? Or is that just for the personal account?

If sending people a link, will the money go straight into the joint account? Does the joint account come with a different acc number?

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Anyone outside of Monzo can pay into your :monzo: Joint Account, but not by using unfortunately. is for personal accounts only, so you have 2 amazing options for external payments to a Joint Account;

  • to a personal account, who then transfers to the Joint Account (trust involved)
  • transfer directly into the Joint Account via bank transfer (the :monzo: Joint Account has it’s own account#)

Love receiving money into any of my :monzo: accounts…


It’s worth noting that if the person paying you also has a Monzo account and sends you money through their contacts, it will default to your personal account.

For example, my husband and I have a joint account where we do all of our banking. My sister also has a Monzo account and if she requests or sends money it is always to or from my personal account. So in the case of a request, I either have to transfer the money into my personal account from the joint account and accept the request, or decline the request and send the money manually from the joint account. It’s a little annoying.


Thanks all! Appreciate the time and efforts of your responses.

@davidwalton so if monzo has a joint account number, what would be the account name of that joint account? For when external people pay into this account?

I so wish the could have worked properly with joint accounts.

I can’t remember whether “” was suggested for joint accounts by someone at Monzo or just a friend I was discussing it with… it would be great.

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It could be just one of the named persons on the Joint account. For example, if a Joint Account has ‘Mike Oxlong’ and ‘Monique Oxlong’ as account holders, you can send it to either ‘Mike Oxlong’ or ‘Monique Oxlong’ and either way will land in the Joint Account.

That was a previous discussion about Joint Account’s - and if it ever happens, @rat_au_van deserves full credit for it. Unless instead of ‘’, it’s ‘monzo.we’, in which case I get the credit?

So long ago…



That’s a good one, time will tell. In regards to not remembering, don’t worry, I can barely remember what my question was. Monday blues. #lockdownliving

I see, makes sense! A question… Do you think one will get away with putting a name such as “footballclub” and entering the joint account number, will it be sent successfully to the joint account?

A friend was thinking of a side hustle to apply with the joint account. But pointless if actual names are still on display…

Never tried it, so can’t confirm either way. Sorry.

Happy to see you try it & win though. Or fail. At which point we’ll all know the limits!

I don’t know a lot about it, but I think that you would get away with it now, but not later on because there is some new legislation coming…?

Why not open a free business account?

I’ve told my friend this too, but he’s got concerns around registering it as a business officially due to complications with accounting etc. Nature of the work is in the events industry, a one man band. Extra pocket money by the sounds of it. @Sam87

I have a joint account so can clear a lot of these questions up in one go…

  • It’s against the terms and conditions of personal accounts to use them for business. If you get found out like some have on here, your account will be frozen and your funds along with it.

  • A joint account needs to be between two people and each of those people need to have a personal account. You therefore absolutely cannot have an account called “football club”.

  • A joint account links the two people together financially and this is recorded on your credit report. Therefore it can have severe implications that will remain in your report for many years if things go wrong.

  • There is no for joint accounts. Even if there was, just like personal accounts it shows your full name.

  • Yes you can pay directly into a joint account, just like you would for a personal account. You just need the account number and sort code.

This sounds really dodgy - you need a business account. Trying to circumvent this for whatever reason is not a good idea.

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Thanks for this. I will relay this onto him. I’ve told him to go for either Starling business or Monzo business. Personally I prefer Monzo all the way.

Going to show him this forum and advise him as per the thread.

No worries :+1: If you have anymore question fire away :slight_smile:

Nice one. Not sure if you can shed some light on this, if so fab, if not, no drama.

When doing self assessment return, will a person be taxed on the money they’ve made from being self employed or be taxed on the total income of both employment and self employment.

The person would be in full time employment as well as being self employed.

Sounds like a similar situation to what I’m in.

Now this was my first year doing my self-assessment so it may not be 100% accurate but here goes…

Your employer automatically deducts your tax from PAYE and pays it for you. Therefore on your self assessment you declare it but you don’t have to pay anything. Within your self-assessment you also declare all of your earnings from your self employment too. You then pay tax on this and if the combined total is over £50k you’ll go into a new tax bracket and pay more tax.

If is all sounds a scary/confusing mess like it did for me, just pay an accountant to do it all for you. I just gave mine all my receipts and invoices and he charged me around £100. He actually saved me a lot more so paid for himself and I have piece of mind that it was all done properly.

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I have been both employed and self employed on and off for over 10 years and have ten years worth of self assessment tax returns.

Your employed income is taxed through PAYE on your payslip. This will not change whether you are self employed as well or not.

You will need to declare your employed income on your tax return, but as long as you have been paying the correct tax, this will not affect the amount you have to pay.

The first £1000 you earn self-employed is not taxed (but you still have to declare it). This is sort of like a specifically self-employed personal allowance.

I have an accountant now, she charges me around £250 to do my tax return and answer my many queries.

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