Change "send from" account when sending via link

My friend sent me a link to pay them. It automatically tried to take it from my joint account when I pressed the link in Facebook messenger. There was no way to change this.

Am I missing something or is this a bit of missing functionality?

The fix seems to be to leave the app…go back into it not using the link…make sure my sole account is selected…then go back to FB messenger and press the payment link

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Reading your response, would it be more accurate to say “It automatically tried to take it from the last account I used/had open in the app”?

For most people, this is probably a reasonable shortcut.

Though when you have more than one account, it’s a fair point that the app should perhaps prompt you to choose which account you wish to continue with once it loads after pressing the link.


A method of selecting which account you’d like the money to be taken from if you have more than one Monzo account makes sense. Having to remember to go into your Monzo app and make sure the correct account is showing before clicking the link is definitely not a nice UX.

There was a similar problem with Bill Splits not going to Joint accounts which was fixed:

This sounds like the sort of thing @robinb’s “core app” team might have a go at fixing at some point.


Or even that the default is your “first” account; given that you can change your preference in Labs.

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Yeh I’m in my joint account and personal account 50/50 so I’d have to check every time without a user journey that lets me choose/select.

It’s not something I use every day so not a massive impact for me. Just feels wrong

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