Sent money to wrong account

I first tried to transfer some money to my new Monzo account from my another bank account. But unfortunately I made a mistake so money was sent to a wrong account. I contacted Monzo, Lloyds and ombudsman service however no one can resolve this issue. Is there any way that I can receive money directly from the recipient?
Thank you.

How long ago did you do this? If you’ve contacted both banks and the ombudsman and they can’t help, nobody here will be able to.

If it was a valid account then that money is lost. The person who received it is under no obligation to give it back.

You could send them another 1p and say you made a mistake, please could they return the money to you. But that’s about your only hope.

This is not true.

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You need to contact the bank you sent the money from, Lloyds, I presume. You can’t contact Monzo directly, Lloyds should deal with Monzo for you.

How do I get money back that I’ve sent to the wrong bank account? - Which?.

Everyday’s a school day!

What’s with the stories of people keeping it/people can’t get it back then?

It’s been more than 7 months. The inspection by Ombudsman took about a half year and finally a few days ago they said they couldn’t help me anymore.

The transfer can’t be reversed if the recipient has spent all the money in their account. Then you have to take the recipient to court, but banks will hide behind the GDPR and not tell you who to file suit against, I understand. At that point you probably have to get a lawyer involved, who may end up costing you more than the money you’re trying to recover.

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I visited the Lloyds bank in my town several times and they were not able to resolve this issue. I don’t understand… In Korea keeping money from unknown is a crime, but here in the UK, maybe it’s acceptable to keep someone else’s money. I started send 1 penny every day to his account saying “return my money”.

7 months? That money is long gone.

It Lloyds couldn’t/wouldn’t help 7 months ago, it’s even less likely now.

I know, but I expected the long inspection by Ombudsman could help me…

Ultimately, as bad as it is, the onus is on you to make sure the details are correct. How are they to know that it wasn’t a legitimate transfer in exchange for goods and that you’re trying to actually claim that money back and not pay for goods?

It’s easy to look at it as “I made a mistake, give me money back”, but stepping back and seeing how it could be from the outside, it’s hard to arrive at the same decision.

Chalk it up as a life lesson, unfortunately, there’s nothing else for you to do at this point unless you’re able to get the details of the account holder, or pursue legal action against Lloyds for not helping more - but realistically, that’s what the ombudsman is meant to help with.

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It’s a difficult situation. Although keeping the money is, by law, theft banks can’t say who you sent the money to so you can’t do a lot about it.

The person who got the money would have been contacted several times by now by Monzo to say something like ‘x person has said that was a mistake, could you send it back’ so if the person has not allowed it to be returned, then basically they have chosen to steal it.

The banks would need a court order to hand over the details of the person which would be expensive to obtain. If the amount is under 10k or so it definitely wouldn’t be worth it.


7 months… geeez.

No way I’d have sat and waited that long for them to investigate. I’d have started several concurrent actions trying all sorts of different routes to get my money back.

Out of interest was it a lot of money?

It was my first bank transfer in the UK. The last two digits were wrong (It’s my mistake…). So I called the Lloyds customer service first and they couldn’t recover the money. Then I called the Monzo customer service. They were not allowed to tell me who received the money. So I visited the Lloyds branch and submitted several forms, which turned out useless. My final decision was to get some help from the Ombudsman service. It took > 6 months and no promising results came out.

It was about £ 500, I won’t use any further legal service… which would cost much money than I lost…

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It was about £ 500…

It’s quite a bit of money and really unfair that someone would keep it when it isn’t theirs. But I think you are right not to pursue it further, as unfair as it is, the money is at this point gone.

I mean personally I’d be tempted to send a £1 transaction with a very rude message on the description but it probably wouldn’t be wise.

Just sign them up to every single direct debit you can find, hopefully they won’t notice the notification.

I almost gave up. But the decision by the Ombudsman service made me at least try something. I can leave a rude message on the description but I want to be polite. I will keep leaving a polite message with one penny. Otherwise, I have no way to tell him something directly.

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If they haven’t returned it by now then they’re not going to

You’re just wasting your money

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