Receipt Images - Move between transactions

Unless I missed it, if you add a receipt (directly by taking the picture in the Monzo app) to the wrong transaction, it isn’t easy to move it (Android at least). Of course you could screenshot and manipulate that way but a ‘move’ or ‘download’ button would be nice.


No, there’s just a remove, isn’t there?

I stopped snapping them long ago.

Novelty wore off :man_shrugging:

Yes, there is a remove.

I use it for parcel proof of purchase receipts. Paper version goes in the recycle!

I’ve often thought i could use as a free photo store. How much storage have we got?

How would that work?

Christmas day family pictures saved with your Asda groceries purchase.
Babys first steps with your gym membership


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No - I’d just send a 1p from another bank and that’s my transaction. 300GB currently costs me £24 a year. It’d be a good saving! Difficult to navigate I do grant you - but very safe!

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Interesting question, I’d love to know the answer. If you test it out let me know :smiley:

Aren’t they stored locally?

I’m joint account only - my receipts can be seen by my co-applicant instantly.

Amazon Web Services

You can get to the actual URL for each image by downloading/exporting your transaction data.

Indeed. How does it manage multiple images? Semicolon separated? I’ve haven’t looked.

Interesting. I don’t remember it ever working for us on the JA then I gave up