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Lidl recently added a new feature to their Lidl Plus app, that offers a digital copy of each receipt where the app was scanned. There’s a “share” option that brings up the usual list of apps.

At the moment I have to download or share to Google Drive, then go into Monzo to attach it to the relevant item. It would be really cool to have Monzo appear as one of the share options. Any chance?

Sounds like a Monzo Premium feature to me

Just photograph the physical receipt in app.

Job done :man_shrugging:

You do realise all kinds of people regardless of income shop in Lidl


Both me and my partner have paid bank accounts as do my parents and we all do the bast majority of our shopping at either Lidl or Aldi.


Not sure what you mean here Jamie. Sounds rude. R-

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Correct. You wouldn’t believe the number of Range Rover cars I see at my local Lidl. I used to take mine. R-


Just sensible cost effective shopping. R-


One for @samantha.flux, maybe?

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Surely this is the easiest option with the least steps. Why over complicate things just because you can.

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When you take a photo it isn’t searchable via text is it? Is that the same for importing receipts?

I don’t think Monzo’s app includes OCR technology.

Can anyone search their account for any content on their Flux attached receipts?

May answer this.

Update: Appears not.

I do photograph my receipts if I have to - apart from the Lidl ones where it’s done for me - but I never look at the stored files as it’s too complicated to make any use of them. What I’m suggesting is only the first step towards a very definite goal of being to do things I can’t do at present.

Call me anal if you like, but at some point in the future I would like to be able to analyse my purchases. Such as:

How much did I spend on peanut butter in the past 12 months?
How much has corned beef gone up over the year?

To do this by viewing images is time-consuming. I’ve never once had the patience to go through such an exercise. But the information I want is there so why should I not hope to be able to access it more easily?

The digital receipt from Lidl is at present only an image but it’s an image of actual data and points the way to better financial management in the future. It’s not over-complication, Rob, it’s being able to do for ourselves what companies do every day.


By the way, lest it looks like I’m carping, I regard both Monzo and Lidl as being in the forefront of technical innovation. Who a decade ago would have believed we could have what we take for granted now? I’m just encouraging more of the same.

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I’m hoping someone figures this out because it would make me switch bank accounts/services to whoever er does.

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Android app had digital receipts on day 1

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Where do I find that? I can’t see it.

But the solution has to be systemic - no one organisation can do it alone. Some sensible building on PSD2 is probably the best way forward. Otherwise, we’ll just see the glacial development of Flux et al, with limited overall utility.

Telling the major supermarkets to build APIs, which they all have anyway for their internal data interfaces, would be an obvious starting point.

Yes, the problem is indeed in bridging organisations. One quite promising entrant into that field is IFTTT (If This Then That), which has the potential to allow someone with only moderate programming experience to write tools that do arbitrary things using APIs provided by the companies themselves. It’s early days as yet but I feel this is the way to go. Rather than expect Monzo and Lidl to do all the work, delegate to a third party with access to all the necessary bits.

Monzo of course already supports IFTTT but I don’t think Lidl does yet. Perhaps I should ask my question there.

Apart from the new fees!

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