Hi guys,

Id love to be able to take pictures of receipts for transactions that I didn’t use monzo for and them to be stored in the transaction list where there are relevant to.

Example being:
I buy a new TV on July 4th, as it happens I am cash heave at the time so use cash, I’d like to snap the rrciept and for it to show on the transaction list for date 4th July. This would allow me to ditch the paper copy while still knowing when I bought the TV for warranty purposes and the likes.

I might have already seen this suggestion somewhere but I can’t find it so I maybe was dreaming.


It’s this post! And you’ve actually commented on it too :sweat_smile:

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I use Receipt Hog for my receipts. It doesn’t keep them with your transactions, obviously, but it keeps them all in one place.

As an aside, they also give you points in return for the data, which you can convert into Amazon or PayPal credit. You won’t get rich, but you’ll have your receipts all in one place.


I use Receipt Hog too! Used to swipe all the receipts trashed on the packing counter at Aldi for extra coins, too. I have earned £25 in around 3 years :joy:


I gave up using receipt Hogg but gave up as never got anywhere with it.

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It is effort, but it’s pretty much instinctive for me to scan every receipt asap. Saved me looking for receipts I’ve lost too when chasing a friend for money too. I don’t mind doing it, but it really is slow. I sure £8+/ year is money people would happily go without for all that effort after each purchase :joy:

I’m a bit less than proud to admit to picking up receipts from the ground for the sake of 5 coins (worth £0.003, roughly, I think).

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No shame or judgment, I’ve done the same :sparkles: I’m often mildly outraged when I pick up a receipt and it’s like a £2 purchase :joy: my faves are the huge alcohol purchases that go up to £50-70!


I might just have to start again.

I guess that confirms I am going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::clown_face::clown_face::bomb::boom: