Supermarket Receipt Storage and Category Spending

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I made this comment in another thread where someone suggested your Monzo card should be able to add your Tesco Clubcard points too, but I thought it may be worthy of its own thread

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Monzo being able to break down your grocery shopping like this would be amazing, and storing the reciepts in the transaction on the app would mean

  • Less paper used
  • No chance of losing the receipt in the bottom of the bag or the bin
  • Not having to physically store paper receipts for expensive items
  • Being able to see exactly what you’re spending the most money on in multi purpose stores
  • Being able to retroactively distinguish if a supermarket purchase should be classed as Eating Out (grabbing lunch) or Groceries

Imagine this became the norm, every receipt stored in Monzo! I’m sure that would take a crazy amount of work and collaboration, but it’d be amazing!


Flux are trying to something like this (but don’t seem to be making much progress?).

We’re currently live across EAT., pod and itsu. We’re also working with Costa and have other major brands coming online v soon… :wink:


Yeah, I also suggested this a while back, but it would require a lot of work both from Monzo and the supermarkets. i believe Flux and Monzo have been talking, but not sure where that has gotten to.

Yeah at the minute its very closed off smaller london based companies.

They need to branch out and hit more corners of the uk to properly get the ball rolling

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While we’re at it, would you mind giving us a status update in regards to your Monzo’s integration?


I think once Monzo get a significant market share in the UK, companies like Tesco would start becoming interested in letting Monzo build an integration where loyalty points get automatically added since it would encourage people using Monzo to go and shop at Tesco.

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We really need to be moving towards open standards and collaboration for this type of thing, rather than proprietary solutions.

I don’t know too much about Flux and its competitors, but closed models would be problematic, I think, both for take up and in terms of data privacy (sale / use of data would be a significant revenue driver, I imagine).

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