Saving receipts without a transaction

This is a bit left field, but I wanted to see if it’s just me that would find this helpful…

I use Monzo to store important receipts. Now usually I just add them to the transaction, but I’ve just returned something to the post office without a clear matching transaction (return postage was paid for). I kinda want somewhere to store photos of my proof of posting / receipts and instinctively turned to Monzo only to realise that it was a silly thing to do.

So, random thought, is there a way of storing these? Would the ability to create a zero value transaction / feed item be useful to anyone else*?

(* I fully expect the answer to be no!)


That’s a rocking idea, I currently use moneylover app for this but would love Monzo to allow it, again the Monzo hub for all things money… :slight_smile:

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