Recall transaction made

I made a transaction on the 25 of this month through PayPal which my account has been debited to amount of and I want the recall the money back as the receiver can’t receive the money through PayPal.

Is there any contact that I can use to contact monzo for them to help resolve this issue?

I’d imagine your first step would be Paypal. If the money has left your Monzo account it’s either in your Paypal account or it’s on some journey to/from the recipient.


If that’s the case, the funds should still be in your PayPal account. If they are, simply send the funds to your Monzo bank account (PayPal app → Payments → Send → ‘To a bank account’) and then use the ‘Xoom-by-PayPal’ service to send the funds to the UK bank. Select ‘Other’ in the list of Banks (Monzo isn’t yet listed), then fill in the Bank name, Sort Code & Account number for your Monzo account & send.