PayPal transaction

Basically I’ve logged onto my Monzo account and realised that there’s a PayPal transaction. I’ve never used PayPal in my life what should I do?

Freeze card, insure it’s also not a bank transfer type transaction and contact in app support

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I’ve spoken to PayPal and they said how my card was used PayPal account which wasn’t in my name. they said how I need to contact Monzo and ask for a chargeback.

How long will it take for me to get l my refund back?

It depends on how your card ended up being used. You normally have to supply a confirmation code that’s only visible in the app or on your statement. Contact Monzo and they will begin their investigation.

Alright thank you I’ll let you guys know how it goes

You only have to do this to link the card to an account, you don’t have to do this to use a card to pay with PayPal.

The original poster said the PayPal account wasn’t in his name.

Isn’t this a report of fraud/theft rather than a chargeback situation? I’m not sure PayPal have their language correct here.

I thought a chargeback was trying to recover money legitimately paid where this sounds like money taken without consent.


Chargebacks are used in the case of fraud as well, though I do believe banks generally immediately refund the payment and then do the chargeback in the background.