Reapplying for a Monzo account

I reinstalled the monzo app, would love to reapply but I’m not getting magic email. How do I sign up for this app? My Phone iPhone XS max

What have you tried up until now?

Have you already had a Monzo account in the past? Did you close the account or just delete the app?

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I reinstalled the app, I’ve used it perfectly so far!

Not going into your junk?

If not can you screen shot where you’re getting stuck?

Nothing comes, junk mail is empty .register email is empty :frowning:

If you’ve previously closed your account and are reinstalling to sign up again, you’ll need to get in touch with first. This has come up a few times before. They should be able to set you right!

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i wrote to ta but no answer!

But zero comunication!

wbr paradi