Really disappointed in Customer Service lately

Can I just add - I’ve not accepted their ‘resolution’ as, well there isn’t one currently, so no - I haven’t received any cash…

The issue lay in the fact that the card that arrived yesterday I was told that wasn’t sent and a new card had been ordered which meant up to 3 weeks without the card. The card that actually arrived was the one that was supposedly not sent out and so I questioned if it was the correct card and if I could activate it - this led to more annoyance because instead of just saying yes or no, after 3 hours I got a canned response about how to activate a card, which actually wasn’t my problem at the time… so not quite as simple as you’re trying to make out…


And all for a replacement card which wasn’t actually required.


How is there not a resolution? You ordered a replacement card. You’ve now received and activated that card.


I think everyone here getting defensive on behalf of Monzo should try this simple exercise.

Re read the OPS posts and replace Monzo with {insert your chosen bank here}. When you’ve done that tell me you wouldn’t be posting about how this is what sets Monzo apart from the competition and the legacy systems.

The handling of this was bad and cannot be simply brushed aside with “well at least a card arrived”. The op could have been without a card for 3 weeks and unable in some cases to contact CS because of a poorly designed chat system.

Edit… I’d like to correct my position and refer back the OPs comment as being up to 3 weeks not 3 weeks. Can’t have people missing the important points here


It’s really not - it has its own parliament, government, and laws. There is no representation for the Isle of Man within Westminster.

What would you like them to do to resolve it? You’ve got your card and £25.


Slightly technicality here - they said they’d presumed it was lost. They were being proactive, presumably to avoid the complaint that “if you knew it was lost, why didn’t you send a new one?”

OP ordered a card on the 25th of August and it arrived on the 7th of September - that’s two weeks. The plus card continues to run for 14 days after cancellation of plus, so the OP wasn’t left without access to their money.


I’d be complaining about how angry I am that Halifax won’t post a card internationally… :wink:


The United Kingdom is responsible for the island’s defence and ultimately for good governance, and for representing the island in international forums, while the island’s own parliament and government have competence over all domestic matters

I think maybe we need a new topic just about the Isle of Man :joy: and probably should try and not get too far off topic as well


Potentially, because now I’m intrigued as to how people actually bank in the IoM!

From your own quote:

This is significant because looking through a number of banking websites it seems as though all/most UK banks consider IoM “international”, as they aren’t aligned with UK law when it comes to providing domestic banking services. This probably answers the question as to why the OP had to have ‘international’ delivery, as the third-party card manufacturers are already aligned with Isle of Man customers being considered ‘international customers’ and treat them as ‘international shipments’ regardless of whether you could just pop a Royal Mail stamp on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a regulatory element here of not using domestic postal services for international deliveries (but I’m reaching, I don’t actually know), as those third parties aren’t going to pay more than they need to in order to provide their service.

Monzo don’t officially support Isle of Man customers, as their banking license doesn’t cover them (again, because they don’t follow UK law, they aren’t required to be regulated by the FCA, and they don’t offer the FSCS protection, it seems) unless they can provide a UK address from which they can open their account, according to this post:

But anyway, I’ve created the IoM topic to discuss specific banking requirements within the IoM (and other Crown dependencies) here: Banking in Crown Dependencies

So, to keep this on topic, I still don’t see an issue here in terms of the need for a ‘specialist’ (or someone more knowledgeable), as a frontline staff member isn’t dealing with a cut-and-paste scenario, because it’s an international customer. I do admit that the visibility of all the different agents being assigned the case, wasn’t helpful (although it was transparent).

However, the OP equally could’ve given them a fighting chance in their follow-up (when starting a new conversation) by providing some context, because as a brand new COP entering the situation they were greeted with “So a card arrived today, do I have the correct card to activate” and they took a good stab at offering the exact advice needed about how to activate a card. I don’t think the support here was “horrific” - if I went back onto chat with EE following a conversation I had last week, I wouldn’t expect them to automatically know the context unless I pointed it out.


In all fairness EE don’t structure their chat system as one long running conversation akin to something like iMessage. There is a defined beginning by commencing a live chat, live engagement with an agent, and a defined ending to every conversation. Of course I don’t expect EE to have any context if I start a new live chat - it’s structured more like a call.

However, if the chat system was one continuous flow as Monzo uses, then the expectation is that the conversation is an ongoing one. In the same way I don’t re-explain what I last said when I text someone, because they have the entire conversation, there is an expectation that the conversation will pick up where it left off with Monzo’s system.


If we’re being technical here then let’s get it right. I ordered a new card (because it made me, I didn’t ask for one) on 25th. The card was due by 8th September at the end of last week so around 4th September I noticed in app that the expected date was now 18th September. No notification or other message to explain why this had changed. When I messaged they’d said it was ordered again because it was presumed lost but it wasn’t due for another 2-3 days. So ‘ technically’ it wasn’t lost yet.


A formal complaint is only considered resolved when the customer confirms they are satisfied. If they remain unhappy following receipt of the final response, they will be directed to an alternative dispute resolution service.


I think the question was more: what else could Monzo now do to satisfy the customer? What resolution would be acceptable?



I understand why the OP is angry, and I get why they raised the complaint. But I don’t know where this is heading.

For comparison: I had a chargeback that Halifax lost because they submitted the wrong info (I went into far too much detail on another thread :blush:). I argued with them, and they said “service not as described” was not a basis for a chargeback and told me they were going to redebit the £1,000+ from my account within 14 days.

I had to do my own research to prove them wrong and basically force them to resubmit the chargeback…which I then won.

Of course I raised this as a complaint. That was back in July. I have called them multiple times asking for an update, and…silence.

I hope they’ll compensate me for the distress, say sorry, and we can all move on. Honestly, in these cases, that’s all that I want. Life is too short.


So their delivery partners tracking could have identified it as lost or misrouted. You’ve then been sent another replacement (which could have been the one you received) to ensure you aren’t left without access to your money.

Why not throw the tracking number from the envelope, into the DHL website to see which one it was? :man_shrugging:

The time frames aren’t perfect, they’re estimates. My plus card arrived the next day, despite being given a date we’ll into the following week. I’m not sure how you can be angry at Monzo providing you with proactive resolution to the postage issue, and then apologising for the chat mixup.


Exactly, the situation here is frustrating as Heck, but Monzo have apologised, they’ve outlined their next steps to resolve internally, offered a goodwill gesture, and they are now with their working card in the timeline that was originally outlined.

I completely feel their frustration, and would likely complain myself if this were me - but I don’t understand what further closure there could be here?


Lovely bit of whatifery there. Maybe the pilot was ill, maybe the mail missed the boat, maybe it was human error. It doesn’t take away from that fact that my examples, along with what you said, are playing whatifery.

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I did say “could”. It’s a logical assumption as to how they would have known the card was lost. Is it out of the question? :man_shrugging:

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Maybe it’s time to think different. If they’re ruthlessly focussed on costs and want to improve goodwill this would be an easy win. The smoothest replacement process would be no replacement process.

I’m going to close this now - just because we’re going round in circles.

There’s some really valuable feedback for us as a team in here and the level of service we provided was far below what we aim for. I say it a lot on here, but we will get things wrong and we will always strive to not get things wrong. When we do we aim to learn from them and that’s certainly the case here.

One of the ways in which our complaints process works is that the individual cops involved in the discussion get feedback from their direct manager (squad captain) in their feedback & development time about what went wrong and what should have been done differently.

Thanks all for your contributions. If you have any further issues feel free to DM me :hot_coral_heart: