RBS & NatWest sending payments

(Daryl) #1

Hey guys,

Just seen in the latest TestFlight update you mention about the issues with sending money from RBS/Natwest accounts.

Is there any time scale on this fix? I bank with RBS currently so I would assume I wouldn’t be able to transfer any of my monies to my Monzo CA just yet? and would need to send it via another bank to then reach my Monzo account.

(Adam Williams) #2

From what I understand, this already got fixed.

(MikeF) #3

That was fixed within about 30 minutes of the alert being raised last Wednesday.


There was a message saying it had been resolved just minutes after the initial message advising the problem

(Daryl) #5

I’ve just seen this at the bottom of my test flight update email

“(Another) NB: If you bank with RBS/Natwest, you may not be able to send payments to a Monzo bank account currently. We’re working with them to resolve this ASAP and will keep you updated in-app.”

(Daryl) #6

Good to see its been resolved already though, unsure why I found that at the bottom of my email then :slight_smile:

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