Unknown “Active Card Checks”

Curious to see if this is an issue that anyone else is noticing more right now, but I’m having a problem with active card checks on my account.

The first one was on the 13th Jan for “Masterclass” which I’d never even heard of. Monzo blocked my card and sent me a new one, fair enough. These things happen.

New one arrives and I get another active card check for Lime on Sat 27th. Contact support again, explain it wasn’t me and the last time I used Lime was over 3 years ago. They explain that they could just be checking old cards to see if they’re still active or not. Sceptical, I tell them to leave it (don’t really want to go through the hassle of replacing the card again) and I’ll keep an eye on things.

This morning I get another card check from Microsoft. And I know I’ve never, ever used my card at Microsoft.

Also searching for this online I found someone else on Reddit who had a check from Lime recently too. Coincidence? Possibly but who knows. Reddit - Dive into anything

Has anyone else noticed the frequency of this increasing lately? My concern is how my card details are being discovered - this card is only about a week old! I don’t really want to just replace the card again until this is nailed down as it seems like there’s no guarantee it won’t just happen again with a new card!

Also - side note - support seems terrible at the moment, you get passed from person to person which is really disjointed and just as soon as you feel like you’re getting somewhere with one person they leave. Also they don’t even seem to bother reading what you’ve written before pasting a generics response that doesn’t answer your question. Anyone else noticed this too?!

You’re not going to get enough data to say if this is widespread and/or increasing, but Monzo will be tracking it. They have a history of being ahead of these things.

I had one a few years ago and when I asked about it, they weren’t concerned and I didn’t cancel my card, just carried on and nothing happened.

Do you Monzo Plus/Premium? If so, do you use any virtual cards?
May be worth checking/replacing these yourself in the app if you are concerned.