Active check £0

Today my account showed an active account check by PayPal for £0. I last used PayPal (set to clear through Monzo) on Sunday (2 days ago) - this went through ok and the transaction showed on Sunday. Why has this check been made “after the event” or could it be more suspicious?

We won’t know why another company did an active card check.

Ask PayPal and they’ll be able to tell you exactly why.

If you’re really concerned freeze your card until you hear back.

PayPal randomly does it to make sure the cards on the account are still active. I get around 1 a month

Many thanks - a good call to check with the checker!
I’ve already frozen the card. Thanks for the advice.

PayPal issues random card checks time to time as a security method to check if the cards are genuine and still in date.
Amazon can also do this

If a company did a card check it wouldn’t show as a PayPal on through monzo. It’ll show as a £0 payment on

PayPal. But since this was PayPal who did it you have nothing to worry about

Thank you for that. The transaction on Sunday was after I’d mistakenly used my old Monzo card (update a few days prior), so it could be PayPal being cautious but it was strange seeing the check 2 days after the successful transaction.
Thanks again for the reassurance.

All very reassuring for a newbie to the community - thanks for the prompt responses all!

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