Active card check just now

Hello Monzo Community, hope you are all well.

I just had a notification that an active card check was happening. The company was "phg north campus Paris TX "- cant find anything on google about what company is or does. Ive ordered a new card but wondered if any one has experience with this company. Worrying because the active card check need all my card info if i remember rightly ao where the hell did they get those.

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Ell P

Monzo user in UK

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Scroll down to the bottom of the transaction, it will be in grey text on the light background, what does it say?

It’s a healthcare provider in Texas according to Google. Or at least that’s the closest matching thing, so it could be something else unrelated to that.

Your details will either have come from a data breach on another website or a successful phishing attempt. You’ve done the right thing cancelling and ordering a new card at least.

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Be really careful as sometimes they create these fake transactions and then call pretending to be your bank

If you get a call from Monzo it isnt Monzo


+1 for this. If your details were somehow compromised this is a trick we’ve seen fraudsters use to try and win your trust. “Gosh someone from the fraud team called about this transaction, it must be legit”. It’s really not.

We never call you without arranging it via the app first!


Same here. On a BarclayCard. “PHG NORTH CAMPUS”. Got a fraud alert and filled out the form. It wasn’t approved, so screw the scammers. Hope they have cameras.

Here is the interesting thing. This particular credit card has not touched a scanning device in over 2 years, so it couldn’t have been skimmed.

Here is my list of transactions for the last 2 years.

1 Ebay transaction. (2022)
1 Ebay transaction. (2021)
3 Lyft transactions. (2021)

This card has been locked in a safe for over 2 years… It only exists digitally in these two apps to my knowledge.

Can someone say, BREACHED?

Seems to me like it’s either Ebay, Lyft, or Barclay Bank themselves who has been breached. Either that or BOTH devices I used to input my CC in those applications were compromised at the same time. For Ebay, the CC info was almost certainly my laptop, and lyft was almost certainly my phone. I somehow doubt both of these different operating systems were compromised at the same time.

Do you have any similarities in your credit line or transaction history?

Apparently, though I don’t have the bandwidth to provide a source right now, it is relatively easy to generate working card numbers. This would be the most likely scenario from your description of events in my view.

I read this a few months ago, just searched it out again. In this case the card was recently issued and only activated 16 hours prior and not even used anywhere yet.