Monzo queue


I just downloaded the Monzo app and I’m now in the queue to get a card. Will having an android phone delay me getting the card? And how long does the queue take? I currently have 16600 people ahead of me. I know someone who didn’t have to queue is this because they had an iPhone?

(Josh Bray) #2

Hi, Welcome to the community.

The Android version of the app isn’t available just yet and isn’t able to give out cards. You have to currently have a card in order to use the service.
Hopefully we should have the full version of the Android app available late this month, at which point the ones at the front of the queue will have cards sent to them. This will mean that you’ll move up the queue and hopefully you should have a card within a month or so.

I hope you stick around as the service is well worth the wait. If you want to try and move up the queue quicker share your referral link. The more people sign up with your link, the more you move up.

Let us know if you have any questions or want to know more. :slight_smile:


Your other option, as I see it, is to get your friend to log out of his iPhone account and sign up using his iPhone. Then register the card on your android device when it comes.

No doubt it’s not supported, but could be worth a shot.