Monzo queue bump does not work!

i have invited a about 6 friends and i have not moved position once in the queue.
They all signed up through the shortened url link and are now in the queue but i have not changed position significantly which i am rather frustrated about.

any help here

Grab a golden ticket from the thread and skip the queue

what thread? where is this golden ticket?

Use this one

it says the ticket is gone

Ill dm you one in a second

thank u so much will look now

sorry how do i check my dm’s

Click on your name on the top right

For the benefit of other users, here’s the topic -

Again for other users - the best way to resolve this is to DM Monzo on Twitter or email & they’ll update your account.

This happens fairly often so you don’t need to be concerned that your referrals haven’t worked, it’s straightforward to fix.

Have used it recently and it does. My daughter installed the app before she used the ticket and it didn’t queue jump which was fixed by staff who bumped her up the queue. My son used the ticket link and then installed the app when told to and it worked perfectly. I think it’s an app issue rather than a ticket one.