Google code referrals not shortening queue!

Hi guys,

Looking for some help… Referred two of my friends to Mondo yesterday via Google code but my queue hasn’t shortened at all!

Can someone enlighten me on this?

Quite a process to explain, persuade then get your friends to download without any outcome! :tired_face:

Did they definitely follow your link and add their email to the list? I believe it’s the adding of email that bumps you up the queue, not the downloading of the app

They have to use your link. Sign up with their email.

Then download the application and signup using that said email.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Done all that I’m afraid.

Hey Tom,
That’s annoying sorry! Can you drop me an email to with any info and I’ll get it sorted :slight_smile:

Hey Tristan,

I’ll drop a message when I get into work.

Could you confirm the user path to get bumped up?

Does the friend just have to enter their email via the referral code?

Or do they have to then download the app from the mondo email resulting from this?

Just their email via the referral website

Just to be honest… I noticed I got bumped unexpectedly several times and I only shared with one other person. So either that process is helped along or didn’t work right.

Hi Tristan,

I have the same problem. My friend downloaded the app and signed up using the referral link, but no bumping up :frowning: Will you be able to help?

I’m also having the same problem, was this issue resolved?

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Judging by Monzo’s mentions on Twitter this issue is still happening regularly :grimacing:

If you send @Monzo a tweet or email (include / use the email address that you singed up with, for the latter) they should be able to resolve this for you though.

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