Is Monzo Accepted Everywhere In The UK?

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I’ve been using monzo for a few days and i couldn’t be any happier with the service.

Are the Monzo cards and accounts accepted everywhere in the UK ? I’m asking because Monzo isn’t one of the " Major " banks like HSBC/Barclays etc.

I have had no problem setting up Paypal or doing bank transfers from my Barclays account for the moment ( my benefit comes in once a month so have to wait until next month for my advocate to transfer it )



Anywhere that takes cards, any ATM that takes MasterCard (99.99% of places you’ll have no prob)

(Simmy) #3

What about bank transfers ?
No problem so far with Barclays or HSBC paying into my monzo account. is very useful at the moment until my benefits come in.

(Marcel Ruhf) #4

Any bank supporting Faster Payments should be able to send and receive transfers to/from your Monzo account.
BACS is also supported, for receiving salaries/benefits, amongst other things.

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Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


Monzo is a fully licensed and regulated bank and does most things a High Street bank can do. A few things like International Payments are not supported yet but they will be available soonish in some form. Monzo actually does most things better than old bank imo.

(Simmy) #7

Customer service and speed of everything that Monzo does is better than any bank i have ever been with to be fair

(Andy Little) #8

In my experience it’s accepted everywhere they take cards. Except the kitty cafe in Leeds. They accept MasterCard but not Monzo.

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Is Monzo Accepted Everywhere In The UK?

No as some shops do not have a card machine also the same for some food vans and market stalls.

(Nick) #10

Naughty of them. They’re not allowed to pick and choose Mastercards. You should report it to Monzo so their merchant acceptance team can have a word.

(Ben Talbot) #11

Already has been - Monzo is on the case

(Andy Little) #12

I’m told they’re already in contact with Monzo about it. It seems they don’t get the money in their account.
To be honest, if I had problems getting hold of the money I probably wouldn’t take Monzo either. I’m sure it will all get sorted out in the end.

(Kevyn) #13

As some have mentioned, ATM’s need to support MasterCard which the majority do. Be aware however that some - the Cooperative Banks ATM’s are one of them - don’t accept MasterCards and you may need to find an alternative. As more larger banks jump on MasterCard Debit Cards (TSB have and Santander are about to) this tiny issue should become even less.

(Alex Sherwood) #14

Monzo’s explained why some merchants have decided not to accept Monzo cards & what to do about it here -

(Andy Little) #15


I’ve seen that. My wife (who visits it regularly) tells me that Monzo and the cafe are already in the process of sorting this problem out.

I’ll ask her to let me know if anything changes. I’m allergic to cats, so I have no intention of going there again anyway.

(Dave Berry) #17

The ATM issue does depend on where you live and how much cash you use! There are lots of places where we live that don’t take cards (we do live in the North). And there are four ATMs on our high st, only two take MasterCard, the others are Link only. Which came as a surprise after a good 20years now since all uk ATMs were Link and all uk banks were members…

(Simmy) #18

Thanks everyone for being so helpful
Reason I was asking is because my advocate will be putting a portion of my benefit into my monzo account from the start of next month and wasn’t sure whether bank transfers from other accounts would work with monzo as it’s so new
A family member transferred me £10 just to test it from a hsbc account and it came in insantly

(Alex Sherwood) #19

Yes Monzo’s part of the Faster Payments scheme so you shouldn’t have any issues with bank transfers :zap:

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