Is there a limit on individual or daily card payments when abroad? Will I get charged a fee?

I know there’s a limit on how much you can withdraw specifically, but what about card payments? I know my card works where I am, I’ve made card payments on it before, but I’d like to make a payment on my card of more than £200 (which is the ATM fee free limit) how does this work?

No limits on card use

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Thank you!

I’d imagine that the usual account limits apply (sterling converted equivalent of whatever currency you’re spending in). You can check the account limits in app (Account, scroll all the way down, select limits and allowances). My daily limit for card transactions is £10,000 so I’m unlikely to trouble that either at home or abroad.

Edit: no fees, and Monzo don’t add a percentage for foreign currency transactions, unlike many banks.

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Ah that’s great, mine’s the same it appears and I’m not planning to go anywhere near that so I should be good haha

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