Question on moving from perks to free

Hello all! Just a quick question.
After the recent change to the extra,perks and max I elected to move from premium to perks, and kept my metal card, I’ve since done some calculations and I’m not using any of the other features anymore and id actually save money on the lower interest rate in savings by not paying monthly fees to monzo.

Long story short, when i click to cancel it says i will have to order a new coral card to replace the bold coral card, but I currently have the metal card and it dosent expire until 2029, id quite like to keep it, is that still possible?
Im really not fussed if not as im more keen to have more money in my pocket rather than a metal card!, but i just thought id check before proceeding.

Many thanks for any insights! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no - if you’re on a free tier you don’t to retain get a special card.

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Ah that’s unfortunate! but makes sense!
Kinda hoped Monzo would let me keep it, but alas!

Many thanks!

Just don’t order a replacement card and ignore the prompt within the app. Card should last until it’s expiry.

Or if you do order a replacement, just don’t activate it.

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In the app it forced me to order a new card, I couldn’t get back to the main home page, ill take your advice on the latter and share what happens below to see if I’m forced to activate it!

Many thanks!

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The card arrived yesterday morning, but the app has not made any attempts to encourage me to activate it!

Ill update this in future if it does!