Query: is money pending withdrawal from interest-earning savings pots counted in my app balance?

Let’s say I have £100 in an easy access savings pot and I have £100 in my main balance. My account total is £200.

I withdraw £75 from the pot. It reduces the pot value to £25, but because the payment clears on the following day I see the £75 as a greyed-out transaction.

Is the figure shown as my account balance still £200, inclusive of the amount that is in this “limbo” now, or is it actually £125 and will go up to £200 when the payment clears?

I did this a couple of days ago and the amount you withdraw from the savings is in limbo , it goes from your savings pot and doesnt show on your account main feed balance until the day after , around 11.30 for me , though it can take until 5pm to appear

Just to clarify, I’m aware it doesn’t go into the feed fully until the following day, but I was trying to explicitly find out if it’s counted in the full account balance or not.

well I would imagine its not counted as it doesnt appear to be available in either the place it was ( Oaknorth or whoever ) or the place its going to ( your CA Monzo ) so you have no access to it , but Im not sure what the importance of " counted in the full account balance" is to you for the 24 hours it takes to move from one place to the other ?

It doesn’t appear in the CA feed as available funds so isn’t counted ? :man_shrugging:

It does matter to me (hence why I asked) because I use budgeting software and often reconcile amounts. At times of the month where I’m doing lots of withdrawals from various Easy Access savings pots it can make my reporting messy and makes my reconciliation off.

Im sure it does now I know why - sorry about that :slight_smile: - Ive told you what happens in my feed , just trying to help - leave you to it :slight_smile: