Account balances when withdrawing savings pots

I’ve just been trying to unravel how I’ve suddenly spent several hundred pounds over the weekend and have come to the conclusion I haven’t!

I have a spread sheet where I keep my Monzo balances for each month and being pay day today I tidied it all up at the end of yesterday.

I only just noticed this morning that I’m several hundred pounds lower than I should be and looking at the money I’ve spent I can’t work out what I’ve spent it on :hushed:

I realise now that I withdrew around the amount I am missing from a savings pot yesterday and it’s currently sitting as a greyed out transaction due to arrive later.

This money is currently “missing” from the account balances. It doesn’t exist in the pot and doesn’t exist in the main account, it doesn’t exist anywhere.

Can the behaviour be changed to the money doesn’t vanish while in transit? It doesn’t vanish going in to the pot, just coming out.