Queen’s funeral, Bank holiday - Get Paid Early?

Is this a full bank holiday? In regards to payments. I am due to be paid from two sources on Monday, will this now be paid Friday?
Did a Google search however all articles are based on whether people get the day off.

I’d check with whoever’s paying you, but if the company treats it as a BH then I’d imagine they’ll pay you on Friday. My understanding is yes, it’s a “Full BH”


Thanks, waiting on a reply to that so thought I’d ask here too.

Monzo is treating this as a full bank holiday with regards to payments. Most other banks are, as Pay UK (the people behind payment schemes such as BACs and FPS, which is likely how you get paid) has deemed it to be a full bank holiday.

Like most bank holidays, faster payments scheme is not affected (you use this to pay your friends, or likely to pay for things online (depending on retailer!)) :smiley:

And yes, some of the less technical banks may be working in over-drive to support this new bank holiday, given that only a weeks warning has been issued :sweat_smile:


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Perfect thank you

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19 September 2022 info on Gov website :expressionless:

My apologies for missing the section on ‘special status’ when doing quick research earlier.


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I was due to be paid Tuesday 20th (so Monday from Get Paid Early).

My work has stated today that I now might be paid Friday due to the abrupt bank holiday. That means I could get paid early Thursday.

We shall see!


Im due to be paid on Tuesday the 20th so should receive my money on monday the 19th with get paid early but due to monday now being bank hoiliday can anyone tell me when i should be paid please
Many thanks

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I didn’t get paid early today (I was informed wrong) but I now ‘expect’ it tomorrow as the last working day before payday is tomorrow. Hopefully!

My money still isnt showing im so confussed as im now not sure when i will be paid

You need to ask your employer. But as you’re not due to be paid until Tuesday you should probably wait until after that. Anything early is just a bonus.

If Monzo had it coming, they would be showing it to you. But it’s still early, it might yet appear today to collect at 4PM.


Ok thank you i thought it would have been showing first thing this morning didnt relise it can show at any point today but thank you for your reply

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It’s also possible they’ve changed their payment process from BACS to Faster Payment - so you may still get paid on the 20th if they haven’t done BACS.

If it is BACS, it should show up in feed ahead of 4pm :slight_smile:

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Same here i get paid on the 20th my dwp universal credit and it isnt showing iv never had a problem with get paid early first time .please let me knw if your one comes up later , did you ever have problem of it coming later in the day. I haven’t my one always shows after 12.30am

I saw this tweet earlier which might help: