Get Paid Early - Upcoming Bank Holiday Funeral of HM The Queen

With the upcoming Bank Holiday next week,

Would this technically mean those of us who would have got paid on Monday via Get Paid Early, will now Get Paid Early on Friday?

4 Likes have confirmed 19th will be a non-processing day for BACS.

So BACS payments due to arrive Friday 16th will be eligible for get paid early on the Thursday. BACS payments due Tuesday 20th should therefore be eligible for get paid early on the previous Friday.

Edited to correct the date.

Sunday is the 18th??

And there’s already a pinned topic about this.


You were so right


It was easier than predicting the sun will rise tomorrow TBH.


So there is. Still, better to have two answers than none.

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I didn’t check the sub community, it wasn’t on the home page

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No need for any banks to shut down their processes for this bank holiday. Makes zero sense.

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Why not? Isn’t the clue in the name?


You only have bank holidays because of the banks tbh :joy: