Get paid early Northern Ireland Bh

If my payday falls on bank holiday in Northern Ireland will I be able to go to Get it early?

(Monday 13th July)

@Ordog one for you :smile:

yes But not because of the bank holiday. You can get Monday payments on Friday anyway

But most employers (and benefits) would pay on Friday due to the holiday, meaning you would get it on Thursday

Is your employer NI based?

I dont want to get your hopes up or anything but with St Patricks Day previously when i was due to be paid on the 17th and it was a bank hol on the monday i would have got that on the friday.

So with monzo’s paid early that would have meant i would have been able to claim that on the thursday at 4 pm.

Thats me working for a uk company that has all its hr in London :man_shrugging:

Good news is you should be hopefully able to see it in your feed on wednesday and then claim it early on thursday to confirm my theory.

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