Payday on Tuesday 26th - day after bank holiday

Hi guys

Just wondering if I will still get my money paid as usual 4pm the day before? Questioning it as the day before is a bank holiday!

Thanks in advance


Nice thanks!

U should get paid on 22nd Fri at 4pm mate


Even better :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not convinced that’s right … If you’re due to be paid on the bank holiday, yes. But not if it’s the day after the bank holiday.

It’s the working day before.

So would be 22nd


Thanks everyone for your replies

I’ll check back to confirm when the money actually went in!


It’s definitely Friday 4pm if you get paid Tuesday.
If were due to be paid on the bank holiday Monday then normally your employer sets up the Bacs for you to get it the working day before, Friday, and you could take it out Thursday 4pm.

Just confirming as promised.

It is today.

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Yep! My payday is also Tuesday and I have the pay early feature showing in my feed for 4pm today

worked fine for me at 4pm today…