Can someone help.

I’m due to be paid on the 31st but I would of gone it on Monday 30th at 4pm, however with it being bank holiday would this go in on the Friday at 4pm? Has this happened to anyone before and it’s gone in on the Friday?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Yes it’ll be Friday at 4

Unless your employer changes the pay date or uses faster payments this month. Which are unlikely


There is a thread on it here:

@AlanDoe Can we lock/merge this & also maybe pin the other one (or a more official locked thread outlining it) for when people come asking?

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There’s a few

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It’s quite a common question.

@AlanDoe when a new user posts a thread that has to be approved, are they just automatically done if they aren’t spam/offensive? Could there be something that prevents duplicates?



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I’ve enjoyed gloating and rubbing it in the faces of my colleagues that I’m getting paid 4 days before them this month and I’ll be living it large this weekend as a result :smiling_imp:

I think at least one has moved over to Monzo as a result :laughing: :see_no_evil: