Quality of cards?

As of recently, the chip on my card has been struggling to be recognised in some readers which I thought nothing of until I actually inspected the card.

I’ve never had this problem with any other CHIPs on cards, the card has never been exposed to water or any moisture. Just wondered if anybody else has had this problem and if a replacement is maybe feasible if it gets any worse.

So far, the only negative point of an all around excellent experience with Mondo!


Hi Justin,

That’s not good at all. I’ve not seen this happen to any other cards, and all I can imagine is that it was inserted into an ATM or point of sale terminal immediately after a really dirty or moist card. However, I’ll definitely look into it with our card manufacturer.

Please do go ahead and order a replacement card (you’ll see the option to do so if you freeze your card) and we’ll get a new one to you as soon as possible.

My apologies for the bad experience, but hopefully it won’t happen again!



Just out of curiosity, can you order a new card whilst keeping your old one active until the new one arrives?


It’d be nice if we had the option to only have the old deactivate after we active the replacement for things like this where we still have the old one. Obviously for situations where it’s lost, etc. it’d be good to have the old frozen instantly.

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Hi @OliverNash,

Yes absolutely! When you receive your new card you activate it yourself in the app, which also deactivates your old card.



Noticed some small markings (rusting?) on the chip of my card today, am sure it’s probably nothing but thought I’d share a picture anyway. Seems to still work fine so will continue to use for now, and will just request a new card later on if necessary. Just thought it was slightly odd as it has never happened on any of my other (much older, more used) bank cards.

Someone else did report this issue and it did fail in the end. Wasn’t clear why it happened

It could have gotten wet in the post, its a possibility…

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If I remember correctly, I think the cause was a filthy card slot at an ATM :confused:

This is my new (today) card, not the best but it’s only a beta. When you get your proper bank licence I’d expect better

Not too sure what isn’t great? The photo is a little blurred so may well be hiding something.

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You’re going to have to make some more specific comments here. What about the card do you feel is of low or sub-par quality?

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believe he is talking about the chip itself. Compared to all other chip cards I’ve seen, :mondo: is the strangest.

The chip contacts are indeed unlike any other card I have seen in the wild. Looks to me like an exposed NFC antenna.

I have to say though, in general, I’ve found my Alpha card looks far better after ~6-7 months of use than any other card I’ve had has looked after just a few weeks. In particular, I find there’s a fairly thick and stuck on clear plastic coating on both sides of every Barclays and Virgin Money card I’ve been sent that starts to peal away after just a few insertions between my wallet and various terminals or paying in systems.

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Yes sorry, I was talking about the perceived quality of the chip. It just looks a bit rough and ready as if it’s not seated properly. It is firmly fixed,seemingly, and most importantly does work.
I wasn’t a great fan of the colour scheme when I first got it but after a day it is growing on me. It certainly does stand out from the rest but I would like to have the Mondo logo on it somewhere in full colour instead of just that one on the bottom back right.
I am excited though to be here on the ground floor of all this. I may be nearly 57 but I can appreciate a excellent modern world idea


Just for fun, try holding your card up against a very strong light - you’ll see an exotic array of tracks embedded within the card (a few of which will undoubtedly be the contactless antenna).

the print is also bad, I have patches of white near the numbers and pink ink on the numbers.

The chip is the same as Metrobank but both are different to ENBD

I think they are a different quality due to being printed on site where as a normal bank you have to wait where it might go through a different press instead of a HP printer for instance.

Ah neat, I’ve been going through the wallets of friends and family looking at the different constructions, ages and quality of cards but nobody I know has had Metro so far!

I wouldn’t say that Mondo’s have been through an HP printer as such but in most banks, cards are printed, programmed and pressed on demand while here, they seem to be built in batch and sent out from a big pile, activated from the bottom left number in the app and, at least they used to be field personalised on your first chip and pin transaction. This makes things like putting your name on the card very difficult if not impossible.

If you run a bright light through the card you’ll also see the antenna running round the edges.

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