Metal Card Wearing

Is anyone having issues with card readers scratching the coating on the Monzo Premium cards?

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Heres an example of mine after 1 or 2 chip and pin inserts due to the app telling me I need to use my Pin

I’ve used mine in the machine twice and it still looks pristine!

Also is that a grey card, not a white one? Or is the lighting tricking me

Lighting probably tricked the camera and threw the white balance off.

I used mine in several Greek ATM’s last week and not a single mark on the card so far.
This photo is after it was used in the second ATM:

I need to #getalife

For those of you paying for a metal card, what is an acceptable period of time after which you don’t mind if it gets marked?


I’d say 6-12 months of ATM use for me.

If I accidentally drop/scratch it and marks result from such heinous acts, then that’s my issue.


Hope you didn’t get cash out with that atm they give really bad rates

Can you please clarify how my posts were received as “rude” (and which one of the 2, or maybe both)?

Maybe it’s a tone thing, maybe it’s me not quite getting it. Looking forward to a sincere clarification.

Quickly checking forum conduct document.

Ignore all that rubbish :point_up: - possible interpretation issue recognised & resolved.

Perhaps they misunderstood the #getalife bit. That’s the only thing I can see that someone might construe as rude. Else your posts seem fine to me. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, it was €3.75 for the pleasure of using it. Not the worst ATM charge in the EU I’ve experienced though.

Ah, thanks. I’ll edit to clarify.

@Monzosaurusrex - does the post read OK now?

I thought it was the “mocking” about heinous :man_shrugging:

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I think this is why we’re not supposed to read into tone! :joy:

I don’t see why heinous would be an issue though since it was used in the context of dropping the card, not putting it in a card machine! Though if it were me I’d squirm at the prospect of either, I’d want it to be pristine forever. It killed me a little the first time I dropped my N26 Metal card and scuffed the corner. :broken_heart:

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I was nervous shoving the card into the ATM the first time. But relieved with the lack-of-damage.
Less nervous the second time and proper-confident the third time.

But there is always one machine out there waiting to chew up a card - and even worse - eat it and not return it [cough] 50 quid [cough]

EDIT: [cough] 30 quid [cough]


Good argument here for the ability to have a spare plastic card that can be used for the purposes of feeding ATMs.

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I believe Monzo have in their T&Cs if your card gets retained by an ATM they will replace for free

On one hand… ATM losses are covered, but not the ‘international card delivery fee’ if you are overseas:

So what if you are overseas with a metal card chewed by an ATM (which isn’t Monzo’s fault) then?:

Looks like it could be £80 to replace in total?
Would the Premium Travel Insurance cover this?

Clarificaion needed.



My brain is telling me 1-2Years but realistically I say 6 months average with atm uses or swiping

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That’s interesting, I would take it that the T’s and C’s are the definitive rule here, and so the only chargeable events are “Losing your metal card, or it gets stolen”.

The Premium terms say that if there’s any contradiction in terms vs the Standard, the Premium terms apply. So…

  • They never charge for replacements when: card expires, is faulty, eaten by an ATM.
  • They will charge £50 for: Loss of card, it getting stolen.

Any scenario in between, I assume they won’t charge for as it isn’t listed in the terms.