New card in poor condition

Well my new blue card arrived today and I am a little disappointed. The card is very dull for a holographic and has a scratch across the front.

Well I guess its going to get scratched anyway so no biggie…

Was anyone else’s cards like this ?

Just signed up to Monzo / Monzo plus and due the card shortly so ill let you know then :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s stupid I know , it’s just a card but how gutted I would be if I had a metal one turn up like this !


I think it’s valid to be disappointed if it’s actually got a visible scratch.


Yeah, I’d have been gutted to get a scratched metal card.

For the record, my metal card has held up really well so far and has only needed 3-4 cleans with rubbing alcohol after removing from the wallet 3-4 times and thinking “that looks green”

By ‘held up really well’ I mean, only rarely removed from wallet for a few* contactless payments. Very rarely.

*Still feels amazing to hold though. And still looks the dogs.


The metal cards look amazing - I am very tempted. But only just making the switch from my current bank to Monzo so need some time to decide

If you need an example of the ‘metal’ test:


I would love the metal card but I have no need for the benefits the £15 pm account offers. Would just be throwing my money away just for the card.

Now the USA have personal metal cards you can order by sending yiur plastic ones but $299. Its crazy :crazy_face:

Same, and I reckon there are hundreds of thousands or millions of users in a similar boat as Monzo has a huge net promoter score and should be able to convert free users easily. I think this is especially true at the moment as the key benefits are realised when travelling abroad and most users have not been abroad for a year.

It’s such a great opportunity for Monzo as each thing they add will tip more people over the threshold of it being worthwhile to them. RAC insurance is the first worthwhile addition i’ve seen, although I don’t drive so it will take a few other goodies added to tip me over the line to Premium.

ps. OP why don’t you ask them for a replacement? It shouldn’t arrive scratched or crappy looking. Mine arrived beautifully, and I’ve not seen scratches mentioned by other users so something has gone wrong here and they should make amends.


Mine arrived today generally pretty good condition just a few minor scratches

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Thats good. Monzo are sending me a new one. I just couldn’t bear to be looking at the scratch …