New card quality?!

Cancelled Plus recently so Monzo replaced card.
Today got “new” pink card - really poor quality. 2 wires from card chip??
Do I need to order a new one?

Is that a wire, and not just glue/hair/dirt?

It’s still not the quality I’d expect so I think best bet is to contact chat


Does the card work?

It’s up to you if you want to demand a new card for this.


Wire… was 2
I just opened envelope not checked card

Complain and get a replacement, Monzo need to be aware of poor card quality.

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I do wonder what the environmental impact is of all these cards being re-ordered all the time.

If the card works what does it matter if the quality isn’t up to scratch?



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Does it work or not, if it works not no issue

In this instance I suppose it’ll be because if there’s a wire poking out of the chip you’d have a niggle that the card could fail at any time and possibly leave you stuck.

Bit different situation to an off-shade coral.

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Holy shit, I’ve just received my new “hot coral” card after downgrading from Plus.

I’m not that arsed because I rarely use my physical card, but the colour is shocking and Monzo should be very arsed about it. The hot coral cards are a very prominent part of the brand, and what I’ve received is a miserable faded salmon pink. It honestly looks like a fake.


They said mooooonths ago that they sorted the issues and that cards should now all be hot coral, but clearly not


I know, I’ve seen all their claims of fixes.

I hate that I’m so wound up about this.


To me it looks like a shaving of plastic or metal. I’d just pull it off and live with the card :man_shrugging: .

Card colour quality has been an issue for a long long time.

Before Plus I got one that looked more salmon than Hot Coral, and more recently my partners replacement looks the same. A huge difference when you compare them to our original joint account card.

Apparently it is supposed to be resolved and they just need to use their original batch up. They must have have a colossal stock pile though because that was ages ago.

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