QR Code For Quickly Reporting Card

There could be a QR or other machine readable code on the card that on scanning will take the user to a secure page with a basic set of options, namely:

  • One click Report Lost.
  • Report lost with Feedback - so say if the whole wallet was found, then this can be noted/relayed.
  • Link to customer service contact details, or direct link to tel:number. Something a user will need in a rush, and has the potential to change. Plus depending on the region of scanning, the displayed number can be changed.

Only Monzo knows what UID refers to what customer, thus without leaking any more info than available on the card this reduces the hassle for a good samaritan.

I got the thought while reading this post.

If the user’s lost their card though, they wouldn’t be able to scan a QR code on the card in order to report it lost or am I missing something?

The number for the customer support team is on the back of the card & the chat tool is in the app (which I assume, would be opened when the code is scanned) so this seems to be fairly well covered with the existing features.


A lost card is generally reported by the “good samaritan” I mentioned in the original post :slight_smile: and for this person, having a quick access page to report would make it more likely to get done (I think)

Again, the premise for having the contact details available were mentioned right next to the point. Absolutely all cards have the number on the back, yes, I know. I said that having it on a webpage allows it to be dynamic. This allows for showing multiple numbers based on your current location, or more specific to your card type (maybe a future thing).

It’s all there, I wrote all of this just up there!! :sleeping: :smile:

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I’m not convinced on QR codes (as discussed in other QR code related threads) but certainly, a URL such as monzo.com/lost printed on the card along with the usual support phone number could allow a good person to freeze the card and get a message to the feed/email of the owner of the card/wallet! :thumbsup:


Sure, I understand. The whole premise of a machine readable code is that it allow embedding more info that a person would easily care to type. So for instance the card number on a lost card technically becomes public knowledge. a QR with a similar unique identifier embedded means a finder is 2 clicks away from reporting it.

Having to download a QR code app (which 98% of people would have to do) makes it significantly more than 2 clicks.

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It is the same argument people had about smartphones and their ecosystem before they became mainstream. Any decent phone with updates has a very high chance of having one.

Most importantly however,

Whichever way is easier to the said samaritan, they shall use. How is this harmful?