Implement nice graph that show account balance over time

Hey Monzo!

Just came here to complain about one of your competitors - one that have easy currency exchange to euro :stuck_out_tongue: - they recently removed a cool graph they had on main screen that showed account balance over time. When you scrolled through transactions the dot on the graph moved and it was giving you very intuitive overview of your balance over the time.

Combined with a very horrible UI update they pushed in last days (today?) people may be tired of pointless changes…

Anyway… if you would have a cool graph like that I would probably start using you as my day-to-day bank :D…

Just a thing to consider :smiley:

There used to be one and it was removed! I personally hated the graph and I’m sure those who are paid monthly then make their monthly payments afterwards agree. My graph looked like an ECG and served no purpose.


Is that why it was called a pulse graph?!


If mine was an ECG my heart was slowing down gradually over the month until it got excited again at payday :chart_with_downwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Totally useless in both contexts :rofl: