Save the Pulse graph, add it to business accounts

The pulse graph isn’t perfect, (in particular the auto-scaling can be confusing) but overall it’s extremely useful.

I’m very sorry to hear (from support chat) that it’s being removed completely.

Please could the pulse graph (perhaps improved) be keep (perhaps optionally) for customer banking and added to business banking where it would be almost more useful.

It gives me a very quick view of:

  • my rough balance, whether I need to add more money or slow down before the end of the month
  • any recent big transactions, eg. to check if there’s something I need to review
  • how fast I’m spending at the moment

Seem mad to remove such a useful feature.


That ship has sailed I’m afraid.

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Pulse is still there in my app.

Is there somthing replacing it?

This is genuinely one of the most useful features of monzo, if another challenger bank implemented it well and monzo didn’t replace it with anything I’d be very tempted to move.

That’s your prerogative.

If you want to see the new design head to settings, labs and switch it on.

New nav isn’t available if you have a business account

Ah! Correct!

I’m afraid that’s kind of a non-answer.

The point I was trying to make was that the pulse graph is great and I’d like you to consider keeping it - I was just trying to demonstrate how important it is to me.

Hopefully you get other uses complaining about its absence when they get it forcefully removed, and go back on your decision.

I don’t work for Monzo. This is a community forum.

Oh sorry, I assumed the “Corel Crew” label meant that you were part of Monzo.

No, the Monzonauts have a :monzo: on their icon e.g. @simonb

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Ah that’s so annoying. I really like that feature.

Why was this flagged? Doesn’t seem like a nice way to welcome someone to the community.


I think it has been auto-flagged for some reason.

Ouch :confused: :zipper_mouth_face:

Yeah I think it was autoflag too.

To be fair I do see a lot of bot comments say similar things. Perhaps it’s because it is really short and has no detail :man_shrugging:

And now the original post has been flagged as spam?

Surely that’s not a bot.

@simonb why are these posts getting flagged?

It’s an auto flag. I have a theory it might be the username. If you want to brave urban dictionary you can see what I mean

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Just looked at it - id image that’s why its being flagged

Which image?

Also, I’d love to understand why my original post has now been marked as spam, it says:

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I don’t see any advertisment or promotional material whatsoever.