Suggestion - the pulse

(lee) #1

Can you make it less ‘medical’ ?

Firstly reminds me of skeuomorphic design of old iOS which looks a bit dated anyway.

I don’t mind having it there but I hate the connection with a pulse/heartbeat it’s not always a nice thing to think about. Just a nicer design would be an improvement as essentially it’s just a line chart?

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Yes, currently it’s just a line chart but that will change :soon: (the graph will tell you about events and transactions to come, overdrafts limits, etc.) so the whole thing will make more sense.

Apart of that we’re tweaking the colour scheme so hopefully it will look a bit more consistent with the rest of the system :slight_smile:

Pulse Graph - Display Date When Balance Will Hit 0
Intelligent budgeting
(Will Stanley) #3

Hi Hugo, How soon is soon? Would be good to know if this would be in the next month, quarter or year. Sorry for being impatient, but as soon as you tease cool stuff I want it then!

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

Check the roadmap :wink:

(Will Stanley) #5

Of course you are right. I should have done that first!