Public asked (invited) to swear allegiance to King Charles

I wonder how many will be joining in with this swearing their allegiance?

YouGov survey suggest young people its a no, 50+ people its a yes to the monarchy.

And looks unanimous that hes out of touch.

I for one will be swearing, he can f*** right off.

Elected head of state or king?

16-24 - 68% should have had an elected head instead
65+ - 78% should have the monarchy

In touch or out of touch?

16-24 - 84% out of touch or dont know
65+ - 51% in touch


lol, nope.


Ooo how exciting, I get to play my “I don’t swear oaths” get out of jail free card


Hard pass.

If I even watch the coronation it will only be because as a lover of history I might enjoy watching an old tradition. That’s it. They could do the ceremony on a kitten and I would be just as interested. Wait, no that would be more interesting. Kitten coronation pls.


One thing in that article being a Saturday

The greeting will not be audible for most watching outside Westminster Abbey because the Chief Rabbi will be observing the Jewish Shabbat which prohibits the use of electricity, including microphones.

But what about all the other electrics like the camera and lighting. Is there a set distance from electrical items before its fine?

I’m more of a liberal republican but will watch it for the history. I also like the music and liturgy of cathedral services (especially when using the King James Version), even though I’m an atheist.

I certainly wouldn’t swear allegiance to any living person, let alone a monarch who no longer has the power to protect and serve.

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I’d sooner swear allegiance to next door’s cat (and I hate cats) than some aristocratic leech.

I think the whole coronation thing is just going to cement my view that the UK (despite the government’s talk of Britcoin and world leading technology) really wants to be seen as an insignificant Ruritanian backwater stuck out on the edge of Europe.


If I do watch, I’ll be watching you to see the palace horses and that’s it nothing else




I mean I’m not going to but it does say for those who desire to, so I’m not going to have a hernia for it being an option :man_shrugging:


During a naturalisation ceremony (what one has to attend to obtain British Citizenship), you are given the option - you either swear or pledge allegiance (which is the non-religious way to do it), but you have to recite one or the other.

I’ve always been intrigued that people born here never had to do that, so I am quite liking the fact you all have to do this now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My ex-husband had to go through that and he hates the monarchy so found it pretty annoying.

Fortunately unlike people applying for citizenship we don’t have to. People will be invited to do it during a coronation ceremony that I definitely won’t be watching anyway

Not to go off on too much of a tangent but I’ve always found it quite strange that swearing an oath is seen as the religious way considering the bible says not to do it (which is why Quakers affirm rather than swear)


The more I think about it the more I don’t like the headline.

The headline almost implies it’s something everyone is expected to do.

We’re not being asked to. We are being given the option to. Very different.

I’d say it’s more along the lines of “option to swear allegiance to King given for first time” or something to that effect.


My local are putting on a celebratory street party… So will probably partake in that.

It’s what he would have wanted


Agreed. The service will say “ All who so desire, in the Abbey, and elsewhere, say together”

That’s not asking people to do something, but I guess people won’t repost an article that says ‘part of the ceremony will involve people who want to saying something aloud’.


You also have to know a whole lot more of British history and how the state works than I’d bet 70/100 people (who were born British) on the street would.


Indeed, more than the ministers who actually set the questions know Tory minister humiliated as she fails at her own department's citizenship test - Mirror Online

Or even Prime Minister


I’m pretty certain I’d fail the citizenship test if I had to take it. Couldn’t list my kings and queens for toffee, for one.

As for the swearing, ignoring the headline and reading the article, it appears to be a non-event. It implies people are being asked to swear for the first time, but really those present have always been asked to swear. It’s just been opened up to be more inclusive of those watching on TV. So while I do think it’s archaic and unnecessary and I won’t be doing so myself, given it’s always been a part of the tradition after all, seems a bit of a non-issue.


And yet the BBC are currently running an entire piece on it, including having professors from UCL commenting on it. It’s really stretching the boat for “news”.

Akin to their one hour live coverage of the test alert…