Anonymous Straw Poll - Did You Vote?

  • Yes - Labour
  • Yes - Tory
  • Yes - Lib Dem
  • Yes - Green
  • Yes - Brexit Party
  • Yes - Other
  • No

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I’ve made sure this vote is anonymous - even admins can’t see who voted for what.

No arguing please - Just will be interesting to see :slight_smile:


I mean… if they have access to the console and logs… but of course that would also be logged :smile: I love security.

I voted.

It would actually be quite interesting to see the results here as I somewhat expect the results to lean more left than what might be reported generally


So you missed the party with the 3rd most seats in the last parliament ?


Yes - Other

? :grin:

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Ah. The same place I put certain banks :wink:


Tough crowd!


Wheres spoilt ballots, thats my question

I imagine that would be ‘no’

its like a vote unlike not voting
(I know offcially it means nothing but its used as a protest vote by alot of people)

Yeah people use it as a protest vote, but you didn’t actually vote in that case. So ‘no’ would be appropriate in this poll.

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On this election a protest vote is a terrible idea.


I think spoilt ballots are counted, so for what it’s worth they officially mean something to me - they can feature in the post-match analysis if they are worth mentioning, statistically.

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It would be nice to see a “I voted tactically” option. I voted labour through gritted teeth, though I much prefer the Lib Dem’s policies.


when the final votes are counted a vactical vote counts the same as a committed vote

That’s true, it just would be nice to see who on here did it.

In other news, my other half (who is currently at the Monzo office Christmas party) is under very strict instructions not to come home tipsy and accidentally stay up until 5am watching the coverage…

(I’m not a controlling partner, I’d happily let him ruin his sleep if he didn’t have to co-parent our toddler :rofl:)

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I’m off til Tueday because my child minder is on holiday

great timing, I intend to stay up unless it gets depressing


He stayed up for the EU referendum and accidentally woke me up getting into bed after the result. I couldn’t help asking and ended up not sleeping after that :roll_eyes:


On my way home to prepare for an all nighter of hard core election result watching. Stayed up till the bitter end of every election and referendum in the UK and US since the mid Nineties. Endured a lot more crushing losses than soaring victories in that time


I’m going to stay up as late as I dare. Got a big drive tomorrow morning.

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