Public asked (invited) to swear allegiance to King Charles

Their what :joy:

They had an hour of live coverage. Correspondents around the UK interviewing people for their reaction. It was dire to see.


I’m not sure if I’ll be watching the ceremony live, but I will swear the allegiance during the ceremony if I am. I hold an office of the Crown, so I’ve already sworn my allegiance to the late Queen previously.


I know I’m gonna get shouted down for this, but I love the monarchy. I love what the Royal family do for the nation. But there is no way I will swear allegiance on the day ——- it is already there. Silly buggers. R-


Those who don’t swear allegiance should go back to work for the day :upside_down_face:

You won’t get shouted down by me. Even if I do feel the polar opposite to you about the monarchy.


It’s usually the opposite - especially in a public domain

I’ll be (coincidentally) out of the country next weekend - fabulous!

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Yes that headline is quite inflammatory. I saw it and thought I bet it’s not as expectational which as you say it isn’t.

But most people won’t read the full piece and then go off on one on Twitter


Not a chance for me. The man is a complete and utter tool. The sooner we abolish the monarchy the better.


BBC West covering the real revelations on the ceremony

(swiftly deleted)



Yes, it’s quite a bit more difficult now.
When I took my test, it didn’t include any of the history stuff. It was all about how the govt and democracy works, and practical knowledge like taxes, but also stuff like what to do if you spill someone’s drink in the pub.

A friend of mine is studying for his test now and he actually has to study…!

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I think it’s a bit like the driving theory test. They make you think it’s rocket science but the actual test questions can be approached with common sense and a pass mark should be within reach!

I’m not sure how you approach questions like ‘what was the last battle between Britain and France’ and ‘Who was the tribal leader who fought against the Romans?’ with common sense.

Pretty sure you just need to study.


As a aside I think the act of bowing and curtseying is condescending and should be abolished immediately.


So the latest nonsense coming out of the palace is that Jug Ears is using ‘recycled chairs in an effort to make the event more sustainable’.

You can’t make this crap up. Hundreds of guests travelling thousands of miles to get there and a couple of refurbished chairs are going to make a difference!

I’ll tell you what Charles, if you want all the pomp etc, why don’t you pay for it? I think you can afford it.

Oh, and another thing why, all the medals Charles? What have you actually done to deserve them?

Both my grandparents served in WW1. Both from 1914, one shot, crippled and captured in 1917 the other gassed twice on the Somme and was invalided out (1916) only for him to serve in WW2 in the TA. Guess what both only got the three gongs, Pip, Squeak & Wilfred. Yet the Big Tool has more medals than you can shake a stick at. It & he makes me sick.

The idiot is NOT MY KING!


I mean, he is…

I gather you’re not a fan of the monarchy :melting_face:


It the nod to history that’s important not the fact they are being reused.


My grandparents and father served and suffered similarly.
I think you need to get a grip on the difference between royal service and general service.


Royal ‘service’ - you mean parading about in a uniform and not being anywhere near the frontline. I can accept that Andrew did actually did engage in combat and perhaps Harry was near somewhere dangerous (not so sure myself about that) I do not accept getting gongs for being born into a certain family is all worthy.

Let’s not get started on Edward - total waste of space.


I’d recommend breathing, and realising none of this affects your life really. Don’t get so stressed over it.