Theresa May To Quit... Yes she did

Rumour has it that there will be statement tonight in where she’s allegedly going to step down.

Do you think she’ll finally do it?

In usual fashion what say you?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think she wants to see this through. She won’t want to be known as the prime minister who couldn’t deliver anything. She literally only became PM to do this one thing, it’s what caused her predecessor to resign and she won the contest by default. I almost feel sorry for her (almost!). There’s not one person I’d rather see take her place though, so I’d rather she stay where she is and try to work out a deal that makes at least as many people happy as not.


She may be the most grimly determined person in history, and has seemed remarkably chipper and stubborn in the face of some real beatings

Cannot see her going now

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Maybe not tonight, given that the elections are tomorrow. But soon, I think. I find it impossible to feel sorry for her. She promised the impossible at Lancaster House and has spent the past 28 months trying to please everybody. Repeatedly said one thing and then done the other. The country is more divided than ever, except perhaps in agreeing that she’s completely failed to deliver.

I agree that any (every) potential leadership candidate with a hope in hell of succeeding her, horrifies me.

Worst PM in history… Thatcher, Cameron, May… Johnson?

Ok so it’s not happening tonight, she has a meeting on Friday though.

I’ll leave the poll open though

Wilson, Callaghan, Blair, Brown?..just trying to keep things balanced :wink:

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Well that took longer than I expected :grin:

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Yeah well, I had the ‘benefit’ of living in Labour controlled Britain during the 1970’s and it wasn’t a great period in history by any means.

I now have a healthy mistrust of ALL politicians of any party.

Andrea Leadsom has just quit Government…


Quit government I think, not party. Obviously lining up her bid.

Fixed that :joy:

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Oh no it isn’t! :sob:

It’s between Cameron and May. The former for triggering this shitshow in the first place; the latter for making an absolute dogs dinner of trying to deliver it. And she was a remainer! I wish she’d had the balls to strike out on a path she actually believed in, instead of trying to deliver something she doesn’t to a country that doesn’t want it and I can’t even right now.


People say that, but I can’t bring myself to believe that in the sanctity of the voting booth that she voted that way.

She was behind the “go home” vans and Windrush scandal, and has done nothing to reach out to remain voters.

Think it’s just something that was floated out to position herself in advance of leadership contest

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Hard to know whether she’ll be pleased with Leadsom going or not. Not exactly losing a political heavyweight there

She won’t leave she’s too bigheaded.

I’ve seen the same video, but not buying that she is or was really invested in it. Were she a genuinely disappointed remainer surely the last three years would have panned out differently, but she seems to have some sort of religious zeal for delivering Brexit

Definitely not leaving today… the day before an election (even if it’s one the tories don’t want to fight and are possibly going to come 5th in).

Friday though… I think she’ll get to the point she has no choice. Tories need a new leader installed before October (I’m not looking forward to any of the candidates thus far, but maybe someone will come forward and surprise us).