Provisional: NI cards aren't issued anymore

So this is kind of financial in that I want the Provisional to apply for Monzo in a few months.

I have a full birth certificate, and in a month or so I will get a national insurance number allocated by HMRC

You can use a UK birth, adoption or naturalisation certificate, but you must send it with one of the following:

National Insurance card or a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) showing your National Insurance number

If HMRC send me a letter with my NI number on, would the DVLA accept that in my application?

I already have someone that fits the criteria to sign off on whatever that, the photo is of myself.

Hopefully there’s a decent chance someone on here has prior knowledge or experience, or even deals with this.

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The letter has replace the card so it fulfils the criteria

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That seems anecdotal though was what I assumed. Why wouldn’t just update it -_- (my expression to them not you).

Bit irritating - do you have any experience with doing this, Rat?

Nope. I used a benefits letter for my application

But my eldest had the letter last year when issued their first NI number and it says clearly on it that they don’t issue cards anymore so keep the letter safe as it’s proof

Give the government at least 5 years to update their sites

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How do they work out where to send the letter? Just my life is a bit complicated and I’ve moved about quite a bit!

He used Birth certificate also or not? Also, what’s the process for the shopkeeper I know to sign the photo etc, his profession is on the list, not related and known him for years.

They send it to the address child benefit is being claimed from. Not sure how it works if child benefit isn’t being claimed. Magic maybe. Although they never sent me one so I had to apply. I’ve twice been called in to prove I’m me because someone else is using the same number. Which is interesting
When you download the form for provisional license it tells you exactly what the person needs to do to fill it in. Signing the back of the photos and a box on the form with their details iirc

It’s been claimed in the past by someone who shouldn’t. Probably don’t want them having access to it. (Sidenote: what can be done with a National Insurance number). Though my dad did put in a claim but apparently he earns too much. :man_shrugging: . Perhaps I should ring them a few months prior.

You should still be ok as you’re associated with him so it should be fine. If it doesn’t turn up you just download a form and you get it within 2 weeks.

You used to be able to apply for one at 15 if you were working but not sure if that’s still the case

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15 years 9 months. Can you link me to said form?

They are saying call on this one. Have a book handy while on hold, they don’t rush themselves

It states I “only need one” for work, do I just ignore this? The call centre fellas won’t give me any grief for seeking it for a letter for a provisional?

Just got to hand it to you, made me audibly chuckle a tad just then :wink:

You can try. Just say you’re applying for summer jobs. They worst that can happen is they say no but you’ll be able to check they have the correct address for you

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I’m 15 years and 8 months. If they send it 3 months prior, shouldn’t I be checking now they’ve the same address? My primary concern has now tilted somewhat from can I get one given, I can, just a question of time, to: I don’t want it being delivered to one of 5+ places and getting used for ID theft or something.

@Rat_au_van What do you think and B) what’s the worst that could happen

doubt any lenders would be interested… given my age? or you never know?

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The best thing to do would be ask your dad. You should be listed as a dependent but he’d know

If you can’t ask him for whatever reason then give them a call. At least then you’ll be reassured

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Yeah I can ask him, listed as a dependent where though, I remember Barclays asked me if I’ve any dependents and he said “I hope not” haha.
He’s generally quite helpful though a little meek on sorting stuff out :man_shrugging: if it could go wrong, i.e CASS, though I’ve shown him how to do a few with a second account and he’s made around £380 :p.

(Going to DM @Rat_au_van and @N26throwaway something as I’d like an impartial opinion)


if he applied, even if turned down then it helps with NI credits and getting you your NI number

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Yeah apparently his earnings go over some certain threshold or something.

Sounds like a good thing to me though! If you think about it.