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Hey Everyone, looking for some advice for a friend.

She has recently been living in Australia for a number of years and has now moved back home to Northern Ireland. She is looking to get a UK drivers license but has no proof of address for Northern Ireland. When she tried to open a bank account here she needed proof of address to do so. She has tried the local credit union about setting up an account but also needed proof of address.

If she signs up for a Monzo account, does anyone know if the DVLA will accept it as a proof of address as it is such a new bank? Any other advice is greatly appreciated!

Sorry, I forgot to add that she has an Australian drivers license.

I can’t see why not, it’s a proper U.K. bank

Is it DVLA or DVANI?

They should do however according to the NIDirect site it will need a Monzo stamp on it so they will need to raise a ticket to Monzo to ask them to print, stamp and post one out.

We shouldn’t need to stamp bank statements, as they are true original copies - we did in the early days as they were printed in house for that extra verification.

Usually some very niche VISAs or maybe stricter mortgage lenders might ask for it, but it’s a request that shouldn’t be needed :see_no_evil:

According to Providing proof of identity for a driving licence | nidirect

  • bank account or credit card statement (signed and stamped by bank official)

Ugh, I don’t understand this request by companies at all :man_shrugging:

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Northern Ireland DVA is completely separate to the DVLA. By about 40 years


If a stamp is needed how do you go about that via monzo? @BethS

If you ask for one through in-app chat, Monzo will post a stamped statement to you for free.


@awjdean is correct :blush:

We’ll stamp it on request if it’s really needed.

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Thanks so much for the help everyone!

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