Hi. I am just wondering if it would be possible to use my citizencard as ID. This displays a picture which would match up with video verification. It displays my name and date of birth.

I find it really unfair that this isn’t available already. Not everyone in the UK drives so doesn’t have a Driving licence
Not everyone can afford a passport let alone go abroad.
Also the UK do not have a national card anymore so why you can use that as ID instead of Citizencard ID is beyond me.
It even says on the back of the card
’ The UK home office, national police chiefs Council and the Security industry Authority recognise this card the bearing Proof Of Age Standards Scheme Hologram as a Valid Form Of ID.


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You don’t need to drive to have a provisional license.


You don’t even have to meet the legal criteria to be able to get one, I can’t see the minimum distance required to be able to legally drive, but said I could to get one to use purely as a form of ID

Cost was £25 and it lasts 10 years

Why should I get a provisional just for ID when I already have ID that I’ve paid for that should be accepted.


You bought an ID that isn’t accepted everywhere, a driving license is accepted everywhere.

They only last 3 years now anyway. A driving license is 10 years.


Does any bank accept citizencard?


I’ve never understood the Citizencard if you can get a drivers licence. I have never driven but always had a drivers licence for ID purposes. Lasts longer and is pretty much accepted anywhere (with a few exceptions). Also useful for proof of address as well. Win win.


It’s not a government official ID though, it’s a card scheme. a provisional license is official ID and HAS to be accepted

Just like Post Office ID, the post office don’t even accept it for money exchange, I had to have official ID

No, Phone shops don’t either, e.g if you go in to get a SIM card, they’ll ask for an OFFICIAL form of ID

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Because you want a Monzo account and Monzo won’t accept your current ID.