Provide alternate map options when submitting merchant data

Disclaimer: I am not trying to raise the Apple Maps vs. Google Maps debate, or question why the iOS app switched to the latter (and I’ve already made my opinion clear anyway :wink:).

I understand that when displaying merchant locations, Monzo must use Google Maps due to licensing conditions when using the Google places database. However, when we are submitting merchant details manually, by definition the Google places database isn’t being used. So would it be possible for the Monzo app to offer a choice of base layers we could use when submitting details manually? The reason I ask is that I visited Iceland, and Google Maps is pretty poor. Street details aren’t always accurate (in terms of how they curve, whether they’re a street or car park, etc.), and the number of labelled shops, etc is very low.

I’ve just gone through submitting merchant details, and the poor quality of Google Maps data in Iceland made it difficult. Apple Maps seems to do slightly better, but OpenStreetMap blows them both away. I can understand that incorporating another map framework might not be considered worthwhile for such a small use case, but it is worth considering. I understand that there are other countries where OSM has far better data than Google or Apple. And even in the UK, for shops that aren’t on roads (e.g. in parks, pedestrian areas), OSM often has far, far, more detail.

+1 for the level of detail in OSM. Very useful compared to both Google and Apple at times!

I almost wish that someone would take OSM and add in all the live data and business listings that I get from Google Maps, then package it up as nicely as Apple Maps.

Nothing beats OSM for up to date building locations, roads, and bus routes in every area I’ve tried.

Are 3rd parties allowed to tap into OSM?

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I don’t know if this is quite what you’re looking for, but I’ve been using lately. The design isn’t bad, it offers offline routing, and where the data exist in OSM, it includes opening times, URLs, phone numbers for shops, cafés, etc. And it’s possible to submit place data from the app as well. I found it very good in Iceland.

Yup! You can even get a huge Planet.osm file to process and serve from your own service providing the proper attribution is followed.

So if OSM allows 3rd Parties to add to it I’m sure the likes of Foursquare, TripAdvisor or any of the those other sites might allow 3rd party access so therefore the team @ Monzo might be able to do something?