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Thanks for such a thorough and informative reply @james, much appreciated!

Sorry, I was not trying – at all! – to come across as ungrateful for the focus on speeding up the app in the last release. The speed improvements are actually what I’m most excited about from this update (as nice as profile pictures are), so I am hugely appreciative of all the time you and the team must have spent. I know this kind of thing can be very time intensive without having something flashy to point to at the end.

I’ve only used the app once or twice since the update, and my feed seemed to update instantly when I did – previously (on a 5S) there was a delay of a few seconds, which was not great. So I think this has made a difference. In my above post, I was talking purely about the maps aspect. I’m sure once I’ve used the new version of Monzo a bit, the tiles will be cached, and I won’t have the same issue with a delay in the map appearing. There are still the visual style aspects, but I appreciate you have good reason for switching, and especially that you took the time to explain them.

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Aw shucks :blush: I really appreciate your kind words, and keeping us held to account! The Monzo community rocks :monzo:


@james just to second @jzw95, many thanks for that answer, really is appreciated!


At the end of the day, ultimately, I trust @hugo to get the design right. At the minute it’s fugly cause of the Google logo, but that will change with future design implementations. So Hugo, we’re holding you to account now :joy:


Great to see the move to the best of breed maps. Thank you @james for outlining how the nuanced implementation of Google Maps.

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Having used the updated app a bit more now, I can confirm that:

  1. It is much faster. Huge improvement, transactions are just in my feed, instead of having to wait a while to see things update. Now that map tiles for my area are cached, they appear immediately, too. :+1::pray:

  2. Google maps is a lot uglier than Apple maps! (I realise this is a subjective opinion, so that phrasing is tongue-in-cheek. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Provide alternate map options when submitting merchant data

I agree, :100: percent. It is growing on me, very slowly. Not used to Google Maps at all.

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After the last update, we no longer use Apple Maps but Google maps- and I hate it. It looks ugly and doesn’t zoom in to your precise location immediately (so you just see a vague pointer somewhere and you have to click on the map and manually zoom to get a more precise view). I like viewing it to track the stores I’ve visited and the neighbouring stores, and Google maps doesn’t highlight the surrounding store names.

I guess Google maps might have more precise support or something or the other, but we don’t see Google Street views or any added features so I don’t understand why the change was done. This seems like a massive fuss over something trivial but a huge reason why I enjoy using Monzo is how attractive and colourful everything looks, and this ruins it for me a little. It doesn’t fit, and all I see is a swathe of beige and green.


They have to use Google Maps if they want to use the Google Maps places API which gives them info about the places you’re using your Monzo card.

See the TOS here:

So, you either have a “colourful” map or good data.


There’s nothing stopping Monzo from styling Google Maps to look similar to Apple Maps though:

Here’s one I found already styled to match Apple Maps:


So finally got to the top of the queue, credited my account with £100, waiting for my card to arrive & come across this! This is a massive deal breaker for me, as silly as it sounds I do not use anything Google UI designed at all, I cannot stand Google maps, this is a real disappointment on an iOS app! I use iOS for a reason, to avoid Google at all costs.
Why not add an option to switch between Google and Apple maps? Or just switch it back to Apple Maps on iOS, its Apple after all.


For the bank to run two different maps/databases for merchants just won’t cut it. Using a standardised map/database across both OS makes it easier to ensure merchant data is correct and up to date and any corrections made are replicated across both customer groups without rekeying.

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Deal breaker? Goodness me.


Yes, you read correct, deal breaker

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Well ‘Unknown’ - welcome to the Forums and all that.

Unfortunately for you, and others who don’t like (it’s a bit of a contentious issue) Google Maps - it’s here to stay I’m afraid.

Sorry to see you go.


Thank you for your parting farewell, it’s been emotional, and you’ve been a right laugh.

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Recently discovered you guys switched from Apple Maps to Google Maps. So much about caring for your user’s privacy, performance and aesthetics. I didn’t consent to a privacy change - signing away my most fundamental rights to Google. What a shame.

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The team has explained the privacy implications of this change -


I am curious as to what kind of data Monzo stores if they get their merchant data from Google Places.
@james, does Monzo store the lat/long values, name and street address gathered from Google Places?

I believe the Terms of Service of the Google Maps API does not allow this.

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Google’s Places API is just one of a few different data sources we use for this. You are permitted to store Google Places date if you a) pay for the privilege and b) implement their data retention rules. You are also permitted to store place IDs forever, which you can always resolve to lat/long etc