Bring Android purchase map to IOS

My friend using an Android device showed me his purchase map in the personal details page.

Being on iOS, I didn’t have this feature. does it rely on Google maps or can it be done using Apple Maps too? (the ‘built-in’ (default) maps.

I had to use Bluestacks android emulator to get to this

Example images

I believe it is using Google Maps.

It also changes colour from time to time, from a light background to a dark background - no doubt while Dark Mode elements were being tested - it is currently in ‘light mode’. As is the Get Paid early pull-down screen - that used to be dark (dark blue) but it now white/light in colour.

Dark Mode fast approaching…


It’s not that useful if I’m honest. To me it’s one of those ‘Oh, cool’ things that you look at once or twice but never again.

This isn’t through poor coding or anything, just that some of the merchants don’t return their physical location (or something like that, I forgot what the explanation was). Therefore I have mine scattered all over the country, a cinema trip over 600 miles away, a transaction in the middle of the ocean and all sorts.


Found a screenshot I took and posted a while ago on here:

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Wait, that’s a thing :eyes:

Where’s this live

Yeah it has been live on Android for aaaaaages - it was one of those Monzo Time projects that a developer did.

Go to settings and edit your personal details. There is a map background behind your avatar, just tap it :slight_smile:

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Not surprised I missed it the background to it pretty much blends in with the app. Can barely see anythings lurking.