Location data

(Daniel) #1

I love the fact that your purchase are pinned to a map on the banking app. When traveling abroad I usually ‘star’ all the places I have visited using google maps. I can then look back at a later date an it brings back memories. It would me amazing if I could somehow link the two. So every purchase places a star on my google maps. Obviously there would have to be an incognito mode cause late at night after a few sherries I don’t want there to be proof that my vegetarianism has slipped.

(Michael Jenkins) #2

I am returning to Amsterdam next weekend and have just been back through my previous purchases and starred the places on google maps. All for this idea.

Maybe it would be possible with the forthcoming API or maybe some kind of IFTTT integration?

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I was tempted to say that it might be good if Monzo built the map into the app. But there’s lots of cool visualisations that could be built on top of this feature so perhaps it would be better if a 3rd party developer creates it instead…

In fact, @walking_fishy has already built an app which lets you see your transactions on Google Maps -

so it looks like this is only a couple of steps away from your feature :slight_smile:

(Kieran McCann ) #4

This has been suggested here for stating merchants.

https://monzo.com/blog/2017/01/13/monzo-extraordinary-ideas-board/ (second column)

Not 100% sure how the integration will work but it’s something that we might eventually see. :grin: