‘Producing’ a CV and Cover Letter

I am determined to be a Customer Service Representive with Monzo but need to start making a CV and Cover Letter from scratch as I have never done one before, any help would be greatly appreciated.

What tools do we have at our disposal?

How do you mean, sorry?


Not sure what your personal circumstances are but if you’re a student a careers department can help, or if you’re unemployed your job centre can help you

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Microsoft Word

Do you mean working for Monzo or just generally?

EDIT: Sorry, missed the key phrase in your original post which makes my question irrelevant.

There are resume templates on Word. I always use them and just tweak them a bit. Make sure it’s no more than 2 sides long. Look at the job spec for the job. When you list your previous work experience make sure to focus on things that fulfil that criteria.

Cover letter is the same, that’s where you sell yourself. So if they say they’re looking for people who can handle pressure then you can say ‘as you can see from my CV my work in Arkham asylum shows I have experience in a high pressure environment as I had to thwart the joker on a daily basis’ things like that.

Read the Monzo blogs on tone of voice as well. That will help

If you need someone to look over it when you’re done just DM me :grin:


Ok so nothing too flashy.

So as someone who has had too many jobs. Working at the smallest to the very biggest, I’d offer the following advice.

Tailor your Covering Letter to the job. Look at what the employer wants and try to cover how you have previously met the criteria at other jobs, your studies or your hobbies (or a mixture of all three.)

Your CV needs to be a quick fire reference to you, your achievements and abilities.

I’d aim to keep each one to a page. CV two at most.


Thank you everyone.

Edit: Do you bother putting an ‘education’ heading as I left school/college five years ago?

Best of luck!


Yes but I list all the qualifications there instead of naming the school. Except if it’s uni, normal practice to name that

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Yeah I would for sure.

Make sure you list your education in the order that benefits the job the most i.e. if it’s a job that involves writing or copy make sure your English A level is first.

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